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About Drew Moser:

Dr. Drew Moser is an expert at teaching the enneagram to companies and organizations. His unique approach leverages the wisdom of the enneagram in thoughtful, innovative, and practical ways. Most professional development resources are one-size-fits-all formulas that don’t consider the diversity and potential of personalities. Drew helps people and teams journey from confusion to confidence through innovative personality-based solutions to significantly improve their lives and advance their careers.

Drew is certified through two enneagram schools and is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association. He is a co-host of the popular Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast. Drew holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and is a certified Strengths-Based Educator and trained coach. In addition to his enneagram work, Drew teaches graduate level courses in teaching and learning strategies and personal and professional development. He integrates all of these skillsets and experiences into his enneagram work.

He is the author or editor of four books, most recently The Enneagram of Discernment: The Way of Vocation Wisdom, and Practice. The Enneagram of Discernment is a groundbreaking look at how our personality helps and hinders our decision-making. Here’s what others are saying about it, including bestselling author Suzanne Stabile:

“If you are serious about an honest practice of discernment this book is for you! Finding our way, while embracing our gifts and weaknesses, is not an easy task. But thanks to this good Enneagram work by Drew Moser the way is made easier. I highly recommend this new addition to the library of reliable and smart Enneagram wisdom.” – Suzanne Stabile, Author, The Path Between Us; Co-author of The Road Back to You.

Drew resides with his wife and 5 children in the booming metropolis of Upland, Indiana.

About Drew’s Approach:

Type is the trailhead. In this growing surge of interest in the enneagram, there are plenty of options to help you get to know the 9 types of the enneagram. My approach to the enneagram goes deeper. When we discover our enneagram type, that’s not the end of the journey; it’s just the beginning.

Type is the trailhead. When I work with individuals and teams, I introduce them to the 9 types, but we never end the journey there. I combine my years of enneagram study with my expertise in personal development, professional development, and the most effective teaching and learning strategies to help people and teams significantly improve their lives and advance their careers.

To get you there, I design and facilitate learning experiences that are specifically tailored to your organization. Your time and resources are important, and I am committed to providing you a valuable return on your investment. Feel free to reach out to my past clients to hear about their experience.

When we work together, you can expect a comfortable, interactive, and engaging experience. And most importantly: I firmly believe that knowledge is only as valuable as its ability to be applied. Your team will leave our work together with a wealth of practical insights and strategies to implement right away.

Type is the trailhead. I look forward to journeying together.

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