The Enneagram’s Wisdom Triad

Gut Intelligence [GQ], Heart Intelligence [EQ], & Head Intelligence [IQ] When making decisions, the enneagram’s Wisdom Triad provides 3 helpful questions: What am I doing? – Our doing intelligence employs the intuition of our guts (GQ) to move us to action. What am I thinking? – Our thinking intelligence employs the cognition of our brainsContinue reading “The Enneagram’s Wisdom Triad”

The Vocation Triad

IDENTITY – Who am I?  PURPOSE –  Why am I here?  DIRECTION – Where am I going?  If your dominant enneagram type is the trailhead toward a more authentic self, the journey traverses the “Vocation Triad.” In this triad, we encounter the expanse of identity, purpose, and direction.  The Way of Discernment starts here. TheContinue reading “The Vocation Triad”