The Vocation Triad

IDENTITY – Who am I?  PURPOSE –  Why am I here?  DIRECTION – Where am I going?  If your dominant enneagram type is the trailhead toward a more authentic self, the journey traverses the “Vocation Triad.” In this triad, we encounter the expanse of identity, purpose, and direction.  The Way of Discernment starts here. TheContinue reading “The Vocation Triad”

Announcing the Ready or Not Book Launch Team

  Friends, it’s finally time. It’s time to flip the script on how to live your twenties, and Jess and I are so excited! We are thrilled with this book. We poured ourselves into writing it. Years of research, countless cups of coffee, and a multitude of conversations with fellow twentysomethings brought us to thisContinue reading “Announcing the Ready or Not Book Launch Team”

Announcing the FATHOM || TRIBE weekly newsletter

ATTENTION TWENTYSOMETHINGS! I (Drew) answer a lot of individual emails and calls about living a good life in your twenties. It’s led me to launch a weekly newsletter (TinyLetter) just for you. It’s called F A T H O M || T R I B E , and is designed to provide simple, helpful contentContinue reading “Announcing the FATHOM || TRIBE weekly newsletter”

An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!

by Drew Moser After many months of dreaming, scheming, emailing, phone calling, and proposal writing, we are pleased to announce that Jess and I have a book deal with NavPress. The working title for the project is Fathom: Exploring the Depths and Potential of Your Twenties. Before I get too far into the book itself,Continue reading “An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!”

4 Reasons Why Following Your Passion is Stupid

 “Make your passion your paycheck.” Each time I hear it, a puppy dies. I’m sure of it. Yet, you are bombarded with the idea that you have to discover your life’s true passion, and make it a career. Now, hear me out. Passion for something is good. It has a place. But an overemphasis on passion as a lifeContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Following Your Passion is Stupid”