NEW PODCAST: Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast

Last week our podcast, Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast, launched into the world. My co-hosts, Seth Abram and Seth Creekmore have been working with me for many months to launch this first season. Truth is, there are a lot of enneagram podcasts out there. BUT, very few combine a deep exploration of the enneagram withContinue reading “NEW PODCAST: Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast”

Podcasts Every Twentysomething Should Listen To (Part 1)

We here at The FathomBlog are huge fans of podcasts. They provide a way to engage your brain during times when you can’t read (although we love to read). Podcasts are great food for thought during  commutes, exercise, and chores around the house or apartment. They are growing in their power and influence, and are more accessibleContinue reading “Podcasts Every Twentysomething Should Listen To (Part 1)”