An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!

by Drew Moser After many months of dreaming, scheming, emailing, phone calling, and proposal writing, we are pleased to announce that Jess and I have a book deal with NavPress. The working title for the project is Fathom: Exploring the Depths and Potential of Your Twenties. Before I get too far into the book itself,Continue reading “An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!”

4 Reasons Why Following Your Passion is Stupid

 “Make your passion your paycheck.” Each time I hear it, a puppy dies. I’m sure of it. Yet, you are bombarded with the idea that you have to discover your life’s true passion, and make it a career. Now, hear me out. Passion for something is good. It has a place. But an overemphasis on passion as a lifeContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Following Your Passion is Stupid”