Caring for Words in a Culture of [Political] Lies

by Drew Moser In mere weeks the citizens of the United States will head to the polls and cast their votes for our next president (and a whole host of other state and local races). In the ramp-up, our Facebook feeds are flooded with clickbait and Saturday Night Live is relevant again. It’s a cyclical thing.Continue reading “Caring for Words in a Culture of [Political] Lies”

What We’re Reading: Guardrails, by Alan Briggs

Discipleship. Church growth. Church planting. These are words being discarded by younger generations of faith as a result of misuse and frustration with the American evangelical status quo. Yet, it’s important to highlight those that are part of such work honestly, authentically, and contextually. Alan Briggs is one of them. He’s a pastor, writer, networker, andContinue reading “What We’re Reading: Guardrails, by Alan Briggs”

CrossFit and the Church (Part 1)

by Eric Croft Eric is a recent graduate of Taylor University where he studied Biblical Literature and Christian Education, and was a member of the Track and Field team. He is passionate about the local Church and sharing Christ’s love with all peoples. He and his wife Kaylie currently reside in Grand Rapids. “Why are twenty-somethingsContinue reading “CrossFit and the Church (Part 1)”

An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!

by Drew Moser After many months of dreaming, scheming, emailing, phone calling, and proposal writing, we are pleased to announce that Jess and I have a book deal with NavPress. The working title for the project is Fathom: Exploring the Depths and Potential of Your Twenties. Before I get too far into the book itself,Continue reading “An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!”

ONE indispensable thing you need to enter the unknown.

…and it’s not more money.  Your twenties can be a dizzying, confusing mess of experiences and adventures. Lots of adventure. Lots of uncertainty. With so much uncertainty, what can you cling to? Studies show you’ll change jobs 15-20  times in your working life. That’s a lot of job hopping. This means you’ll move (a lot).Continue reading “ONE indispensable thing you need to enter the unknown.”

The One Missing Ingredient from Discovering Your Calling

And it’s not more information… Understanding calling can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing. So. Much. Pressure. Maybe you bought some books. Maybe you’ve found the end of the internet trying to research all your options. Maybe you took a course. Maybe, a la Moses, you’re waiting for that bush by your front door to start onContinue reading “The One Missing Ingredient from Discovering Your Calling”