Announcing the Ready or Not Book Launch Team

  Friends, it’s finally time. It’s time to flip the script on how to live your twenties, and Jess and I are so excited! We are thrilled with this book. We poured ourselves into writing it. Years of research, countless cups of coffee, and a multitude of conversations with fellow twentysomethings brought us to thisContinue reading “Announcing the Ready or Not Book Launch Team”

Announcing the FATHOM || TRIBE weekly newsletter

ATTENTION TWENTYSOMETHINGS! I (Drew) answer a lot of individual emails and calls about living a good life in your twenties. It’s led me to launch a weekly newsletter (TinyLetter) just for you. It’s called F A T H O M || T R I B E , and is designed to provide simple, helpful contentContinue reading “Announcing the FATHOM || TRIBE weekly newsletter”

Books on our Reading Challenge Lists

As promised last week when we shared our Reading Challenge, this week we’re sharing the books that are on our lists. As we read through our lists this year we’ll share our thoughts here on the blog. Jess’ List: A book about books or reading: Word by Word by Marilyn Chandler McIntyre A book inContinue reading “Books on our Reading Challenge Lists”

FATHOM Reading Challenge

by Jess Fankhauser We’re one month into the new year. Mainstream media and the political landscape of our country can feel overwhelming and disheartening. Here in Indiana it is still cold and dreary. This makes it the perfect time to start reading. (If we’re honest, Drew and I never stop reading, but we thought itContinue reading “FATHOM Reading Challenge”

When you’d rather not show up

by Jess Fankhauser Or maybe a better title is: When showing up is hard to do (and why you should do it anyway) I believe one of the most important lessons we can begin to learn in our twenties is how to show up and keep showing up. Most of our lives aren’t lived inContinue reading “When you’d rather not show up”

Who We’re Listening to: Julien Baker

by Kirsten Kosik    It is hard to come by twenty-year-olds as profoundly human as Memphis, Tennessee native Julien Baker (twitter: @julienrbaker). A soon-to-be sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University, she has already produced her full-length album Sprained Ankle, which poises questions of redemption, suffering, faith, and existence with unparalleled honesty. Baker’s album is inescapably human.Continue reading “Who We’re Listening to: Julien Baker”

The true essence of hospitality

by Shelby List Today’s we’re thrilled to have a guest post by Shelby List. Shelby is a graduate student at Taylor University, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Development. She’s also a residence hall director at Taylor, and is spending a portion of her summer as a Graduate Research Fellow for theContinue reading “The true essence of hospitality”

An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!

by Drew Moser After many months of dreaming, scheming, emailing, phone calling, and proposal writing, we are pleased to announce that Jess and I have a book deal with NavPress. The working title for the project is Fathom: Exploring the Depths and Potential of Your Twenties. Before I get too far into the book itself,Continue reading “An Exciting Fathom Book Announcement!”

Space vs. Place [and why it’s important to know the difference]

by Kirsten Kosik Today we’re thrilled to have a guest post by one of our favorite twentysomethings, Kirsten Kosik. Kirsten hails from the Detroit area, is a student at Taylor University, and was a student in one of our vocation classes. “Place is security, space is freedom: we are attached to the one and longContinue reading “Space vs. Place [and why it’s important to know the difference]”