Stop Trying to Balance it All and Start Finding a Rhythm

Finding the perfect level on a see-saw. Stacking blocks to make a tower even TALLER. Placing one foot, heel to toe, in front of the other on a narrow ledge. Carving down a slope on a pair of skis. All provide opportunities to practice, and sometimes enjoy, balance. But when you imagine spending your entire dayContinue reading “Stop Trying to Balance it All and Start Finding a Rhythm”

The 3 Questions That Get to the Essence of Life

When it comes to your life, are you willing to ask the most important questions?  Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph is known in the Jewish Talmud as “Chief of the Sages” for his incisive wisdom. One afternoon he left his cottage to go into the village for some supplies. After finishing his errands, he accidentally took the wrongContinue reading “The 3 Questions That Get to the Essence of Life”

Of Tightropes & Canvases. Or, God & Us.

By now some of you have been subjected to the “forced family fun” that is a company or organization retreat. For those that haven’t, allow me to explain. You and your coworkers head to a retreat center in the woods and engage in a litany of team-building exercises, many of which require awkward looking helmets andContinue reading “Of Tightropes & Canvases. Or, God & Us.”


Ok friends, Jessica Fankhauser and I need your help. In preparation of the release of our book “Ready Or Not: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties” (in 3 weeks!), we’re curating a ‘soundtrack’ for the book of songs nominated by YOU. WHAT SONGS EXPLORE THE DEPTHS AND POTENTIAL OF THE TWENTYSOMETHING DECADE? We’ll put the final listContinue reading “ATTENTION MUSIC LOVERS!”

Listen to Drew on The Enneagram Journey Podcast with Suzanne Stabile

Drew Moser was a guest on The Enneagram Journey Podcast with Suzanne Stabile. Suzanne is a master enneagram teacher and author of The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery and The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships. Drew spoke with Suzanne about how being an enneagram type 3 impactsContinue reading “Listen to Drew on The Enneagram Journey Podcast with Suzanne Stabile”

Why Does it Have to be so Difficult? The Challenge of Vocation

F A T H O M || T R I B E I ONCE ran a marathon. It was a bucket list goal, unlike any of my prior athletic pursuits. In my former sports life, running was always a necessary means to an end. You have to run the bases to score a run. YouContinue reading “Why Does it Have to be so Difficult? The Challenge of Vocation”

Playing the Waiting Game: Cultivating Patience

Life can often give us a sense of feeling stuck. We know what we want, but can’t seem to make any progress. We can often find ourselves playing “the waiting game” (Whomever coined such a phrase clearly doesn’t like games. Or, perhaps, never played one.). We wait for the career we’ve dreamed of . .Continue reading “Playing the Waiting Game: Cultivating Patience”

Got One of ‘Those’ Relatives? How to navigate family

For some, family gatherings are nostalgic affairs. For others, they stir up feelings of dread. Family is messy, complicated, and tricky. And holidays are often lessons in patience when THAT relative starts going on and on about their conspiracy theories, political views, or theology you find suspect. Your twenties are a time in which you begin to realizeContinue reading “Got One of ‘Those’ Relatives? How to navigate family”