“The enneagram helps us see beneath and through each of our type’s dominant barriers. Instead of running into them, and limping away bruised and confused, discernment help us see them as invitations. They become holy biddings to listen, sense, consider, tend, and engage.” Q: What are your type’s barriers bidding you to consider? Q: IfContinue reading “From BARRIERS to INVITATIONS”

The Enneagram’s Wisdom Triad

Gut Intelligence [GQ], Heart Intelligence [EQ], & Head Intelligence [IQ] When making decisions, the enneagram’s Wisdom Triad provides 3 helpful questions: What am I doing? – Our doing intelligence employs the intuition of our guts (GQ) to move us to action. What am I thinking? – Our thinking intelligence employs the cognition of our brainsContinue reading “The Enneagram’s Wisdom Triad”

The Enneagram’s 3 Dominant Emotions as Barriers to Discernment

The Enneagram’s 3 Dominant Emotions as Barriers to Discernment ANGER impedes the Gut Triad (Types 8,9,1) SHAME impedes the Heart Triad (Types 2,3,4) FEAR impedes the Head Triad (Types 5,6,7) In unhealthy states of anger, cognition decreases, & anxiety increases.- In states of shame, confidence in oneself decreases, & anxiety increases.- In states of fear,Continue reading “The Enneagram’s 3 Dominant Emotions as Barriers to Discernment”

The Vocation Triad

IDENTITY – Who am I?  PURPOSE –  Why am I here?  DIRECTION – Where am I going?  If your dominant enneagram type is the trailhead toward a more authentic self, the journey traverses the “Vocation Triad.” In this triad, we encounter the expanse of identity, purpose, and direction.  The Way of Discernment starts here. TheContinue reading “The Vocation Triad”

A Few Things I Didn’t Expect: Post-Grad Life

A guest post by Sam Petersen  There really isn’t a need for more advice on post-graduate life, but I’m going to share my thoughts anyway. Maybe there’s one person that can benefit from what I’ve learned. 🙂 First, everyone was right when they said building your life takes longer than you thought. But they wereContinue reading “A Few Things I Didn’t Expect: Post-Grad Life”

The Art of Saying Goodbye in a Culture of See You Later

[It’s college graduation season; a series of opportunities to say goodbye to the people and places that have been meaningful to the college experience. But it’s not easy. We recently put together a video blessing for college graduates, and today we have an essay penned by Jess that should be required reading for anyone experiencingContinue reading “The Art of Saying Goodbye in a Culture of See You Later”

A Blessing for College Graduates

It’s college graduation season, a time full of hope, expectation, and anxiety. I gathered some friends to bless all of you walking across that stage this year. Be encouraged, and share with others. A Blessing for College Graduates.  May your post-college life excite your heart, Kindle in your mind creativity To journey beyond the oldContinue reading “A Blessing for College Graduates”