PRE-ORDER ALERT: The Enneagram of Discernment, by Drew Moser, Ph.D.

My next book The Enneagram of Discernment: The Way of Vocation, Wisdom, and Practice is now available for pre-order! The book releases in June 2020, and if you pre-order now, you can get one of the first copies available. AND: Use the code “PROMO” at checkout to receive 20% OFF during this pre-order phase.

I’m breaking some new ground in the enneagram world with this project, and I’m excited to know what you think. The book includes a powerful foreword by none other than Christopher L. Heuertz, bestselling author of The Sacred Enneagram and, upcoming, The Enneagram of Belonging.

In writing The Enneagram of Discernment, I explore how the enneagram helps us cultivate the ancient gift and practice of DISCERNMENT. Discernment is one of those concepts we all agree is important, and yet it feels so elusive. In the book I navigate the idea of discernment from this definition:

“Discernment is the gift and practice of living our lives from a deep sense of purpose, with wisdom, in the fullness of time.”

Drew Moser, Ph.D. – The Enneagram of Discernment: The Way of Vocation, Wisdom, and Practice

In the book I unveil “The Way of Discernment,” a journey that traverses the 9 most important questions (see what I did there?) in decision making. These 9 questions are organized in three triads:

-The Vocation Triad

-The Wisdom Triad

-The Practice Triad

I can’t wait to share the book with you. Again, be sure to pre-order to take advantage of our 20% discount (use “PROMO” at checkout).

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