The Enneagram’s Wisdom Triad

Gut Intelligence [GQ], Heart Intelligence [EQ], & Head Intelligence [IQ]

When making decisions, the enneagram’s Wisdom Triad provides 3 helpful questions:

  • What am I doing? – Our doing intelligence employs the intuition of our guts (GQ) to move us to action.
  • What am I thinking? – Our thinking intelligence employs the cognition of our brains (IQ) and is used for retrieving, organizing, planning, and analyzing. 
  • What am I feeling? – Our feeling intelligence employs the use of our hearts (EQ) and is used for observing and understanding emotions in ourselves and others. It’s relational and interpersonal. 

We cultivate wisdom to make good and healthy decisions when we steward all three: our thoughts, feelings, and actions aligned and deployed in discernment.

Pay attention to all three; each has important insight.

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