The following is a guest post by Chin Ai, a recent college graduate and friend reflecting on what her transition post-college has been like so far.

Transitioning is very much exactly where I am at during this season of my life.There’s no real stability and no real place or space to call my own, just yet.

train track

And this phase…this leaving one season and welcoming another is so very bittersweet (and quite awkward at times).

This season has also brought about new discoveries and new questions: who is Chin Ai back in her home country? what are the things that cause her to pause and ponder? what are some integral life lessons and self-awareness that she is integrating into her life back home in Malaysia? and what are some that she is leaving behind in the U.S.? (…yup, I’m very much referring to myself in the third person, ha.)

Transitioning is quite complicated, but it’s also quite beautiful in its intricacies, and for all that it brings, I’m utterly thankful. I’m listening to this podcast called The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman and its latest episode, Receive the Waiting Time, gently reminded me how this season of waiting, of planting a seed and the slow and formative work that’s being done to the seed in this time of waiting is so incredibly crucial for the seed to grow and bloom properly.

Transitioning…I guess, in a way, is also a time of waiting. Of waiting and surrendering, of resting with open hands and open heart, of allowing God to do what God needs to do and/or form within me, and of trusting that this seed is a good and right seed, called by God to be planted and to be nurtured by God.

seeds growing

Instead of trying to fight the transitioning, I’m trying to embrace it better, receiving each moment at its own time, and being absolutely thankful for my Abba who walks with me through it all.

Chin Ai is from Malaysia and recently graduated from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana with a BA degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE). Post-college she has been interning at Teach For Malaysia with their Partnership Development-Public Sector team until she begins her two year Teach For Malaysia Fellowship in January.

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