READY or NOT Virtual Book Club Chapter One: Vocation

For the next few months, we’ll be journeying through READY or NOT, chapter by chapter. Consider it a virtual book club where we explore a few insights from each chapter. You can follow along whether or not you read the book, but reading sure helps. We’ll continue by exploring the “Chapter One: Vocation” (pages 1-16) 

LIVE THE QUESTIONS. If we take the words of the poet Rilke to heart, we are to “live the questions.”

What does that mean? Chapter One argues for the importance of asking good and beautiful questions.  Such questions take us deeper than the ones we’re prone to ask, such as “What am I going to watch on Netflix?” or “What do I want to eat for dinner?”

To live the questions is to approach our lives with a sense of depth, reflection, wonder, and curiosity. And these are the very things required to discern vocation well. Vocation, this call by God to live as God intends us to live. Specifically, we define it in the book this way:

Vocation is a life lived faithfully with God in the many dimensions that make a good life (p. 8)
It’s a big definition for a big idea. But, with time and intention, one can break it down into reasonable bites. Vocation provides the framework to live your twenties (your thirties, forties, and so on) with hope, purpose, and meaning.

This the good life: faithful living in the areas in which you are called by God. It’s spirituality, work, church, family, and community. And it’s available to you here and now.

Q: Do your days and weeks resonate with the vision of the good life you carry with you in your heart and soul? Why or why not?

Q: What does it look like for you to flourish here and now?

Vocation is a lifelong process. Not a destination. It’s a long and often meandering obedience in the same direction. It encompasses all of you, and therefore it requires all of you.

Answer the call faithfully this week, step-by-step. It’s truly the best way to live.


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