READY or NOT Virtual Book Club || Introduction

“So, what are my twenties for, anyway?”

For the next few months, we’ll be journeying through READY or NOT, chapter by chapter. Consider it a virtual book club where we explore a few insights from each chapter. You can follow along whether or not you read the book, but reading sure helps. We’ll begin by exploring the “Introduction: So, What Are My Twenties For, Anyway?” (pages ix-xxv) 

“The twenties are the best of life and the worst of life, and I can’t tell whether something is amazing or terrible half the time.”

Our friend Ben is on to something. Our twenties are full of adventure and change. They’re also full of confusion, pressure, and anxiety. It can be a disorienting time. In one ear we hear the shouts of those telling us to live it up in our twenties until you HAVE TO settle down and start #adulting. In the other ear we hear a very different message: figure it out as quickly as possible, or else you’re failing at life.

In a way, it’s a battle between FOMO (fear of missing out) and ROI (return on investment).

Ten years is a long time to try to make sense of those two messages. In fact, it’s a decade. [just call me Captain Obvious]

My friend Alan Briggs often uses a made up word to convey the complexity of a situation: TERRICITING.
We often find ourselves in contexts in which we feel equal parts terrified and excited.

Our twenties are a terriciting time. However, I don’t think you have to just try to survive them.

Your twenties are to be lived with hope, purpose, and meaning.

This is done by living intentionally in the exploration of our vocation; God’s unique and powerful call for our lives. More on that later. But for now, I’ll leave you with the 4 mantras of living a good life in your twenties:

  • Be fully present and fully prepared in your twenties–It may seem impossible. but it’s not.
  • Actively participate in your twenties–Play a key and active role in your life.
  • Live implicated (responsible) in your twenties–You are already called to some pretty important things. Respond out of your own sense of responsibility to them.
  • Embrace freedom, not fear in your twenties–God is on your side. Christ set you FREE.

READY or NOT, you’re a twentysomething. For this ten year stretch, you might as well lean into them.

Describe your current twentysomething in one word:

Now describe it in one sentence:

Q: What insight does this provide you with how you’re living your twenties?


Worth Reading: Meg Jay’s book The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Themis a helpful supplement to READY or NOT’s introduction.

Worth WatchingHere’s a brief teaching clip in which I argue that you can live your twenties with hope, purpose, and meaning.

Worth Pondering: “You are more powerful than you think you are. Act accordingly.”–Seth Godin

Lean into hope, purpose, and meaning this week.



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