When Should We Grow Up? Adulting (is) So Hard [Vol. 1.2]

F A T H O M || T R I B E

What are the rules for adulthood?

Better question: What are the rules for adulthood as a twentysomething?

It really depends on who you ask. Your twenties are bombarded with two equally binding messages. The first is to live it up while you’re young. Seek the adventure, wherever it takes you. And be sure to document it on social media for all to see.

The second is to settle down. Get responsible. Get a stable job. Commit to a serious relationship. Invest in a retirement account. Get this adulting thing going.

These messages can be an existential tug-of-war, and you’re the rope. And nobody likes being the rope.

The tension looms so large that it’s now reached luxury brand advertising. Mercedez Benz just rolled out a provocative new ad campaign: GROW UP. And it’s not your typical luxury take on the perfect life. It’s a raw, intense, and personal exploration of adulting.

Amid the online videos you’ll watch this week, these ads are worth a look. In fact, these ads are worth meeting up with some friends, watching them, and discussing.  Seriously, you should do this.

First, let’s start with the “trailer” which introduces the campaign.

  • What does it mean to “grow up”?
  • When’s the right time to “grow up”?

Next, Grow Up. Get a Job.

  • What’s the beat in your head? While we’re at it, what’s the beat in your heart?

​Now, Grow Up. Settle Down.

  • When it comes to important decisions in life, when is it time to move on? When it is time to settle down?

Finally, Grow Up. Start a Family.

  • ​What’s required of us when it comes to our family? What’s a proper investment?

The ads raise important questions about the elements that make a good life. They provide glimpses into the truth that our lives are multidmensional and complex. Adulthood demands healthy rhythms in these dimensions. This is why…well…adulting (can be) so hard.

But it’s not all stress and strife. A good life can be lived here and now. It just takes some thought, care, and work.

Worth Reading: The key to most leaders’ success? Something that is increasingly difficult to do: Reading. Check out Reading Wars, by Philip Yancey.

Worth Listening: If you’re looking for a centering, liturgical prayer app beautifully composed and produced, you must check out Pray as you go. If you’re not looking for such an app, you should be.

Worth Pondering: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”–Abraham Lincoln

May you all adult so WELL,


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