What is the F A T H O M || T R I B E? [Vol. 1.1]

F A T H O M || T R I B E

To fathom something is to explore it with great depth and thought. Deriving from ancient nautical terms, a fathom helped sailors measure the depth of a body of water.  Sailors would stretch out their arms holding a “sounding line” across the length of their reach, which was typically about 6 feet long. They would descend the sounding line into the water, counting each fathom as they went. Fathom thus conveys this measure of depth, determined by our outstretched arms.

Powerful imagery isn’t it? To consider the true depths of a problem, with outstretched arms is a brave and vulnerable act. It’s expectant. It conveys a willingness to see things to their true depths.  It also provides us with helpful boundaries. When we fathom, what can we get our arms around? How do we explore the depths of our lives, fathom by fathom?

Those are questions worthy of a conversation among friends who know you well.

The F A T H O M || T R I B E is a community of twentysomethings who want to consider the depths and potential of life fathom by fathom. Each week (or so) you’ll receive a short note to help you fathom the good life in the here and now. I’ll also point to you some helpful things I’ve curated that are worth sharing. Here’s a start:

Worth reading:  Remember when you’d go with your parent to the bank and they’d use those magical vacuum tubes at the drive thru? Imagine travelling in one of those things, at the speed of a jet airplane. Elon Musk dropped a twitter bomb about building a hyperloop from NY to DC. But the real question is: Will you get a free Dum-Dum with each ride?

Worth watching: Do you have a fixed mindset? Or a growth mindset? Do you believe you can improve? Watch this Carol Dweck TED Talk to find out.

Worth pondering: “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work”–Mary Oliver, Poet

Welcome to the tribe. With outstretched arms, let’s begin . . .


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