What We’re Reading: Guardrails, by Alan Briggs


Discipleship. Church growth. Church planting. These are words being discarded by younger generations of faith as a result of misuse and frustration with the American evangelical status quo. Yet, it’s important to highlight those that are part of such work honestly, authentically, and contextually.

Alan Briggs is one of them. He’s a pastor, writer, networker, and church planter in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s seen church planter after church planter bring their wares to Colorado full of hope, optimism, and an idealist view of living life in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He’s seen most of them pack up and go back to where they came from, disillusioned and confused as to why they couldn’t get traction. His new book, Guardrails, is a helpful word for aspiring church planters. [Disclaimer: Guardrails is published by NavPress, who is publishing our book Fathom]

But here’s the secret: It’s a helpful word for any who need the very idea of discipleship redeemed. Alan’s first book, Staying is the New Going, was a powerful approach to truly going ‘local’ and loving where you are. Guardrails is a great next step: to flourish where you are. The subtitle, “six principles for a multiplying church”, could lead one to believe this book is just for pastors. It’s not. It’s for individuals looking for enough guidance to cultivate their spiritual growth, but enough freedom to keep it from feeling like a canned church program.

A favorite quote:

“If you love Jesus, you are called to be an advocate, not a curmudgeon.”

Amen. Briggs is an advocate for the good life to be found in following Christ. Briggs reclaims the essence of discipleship, and reframes it with six guardrails to guide you in the discipleship journey. It’s a thoughtful and practical read, and well worth your time and money. It’s a hopeful take on life with Jesus. Oh, and have your church, non-profit, neighborhood association invite him to come and speak. He’s a compelling, thoughtful speaker who’ll give you everything he’s got.





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