CrossFit and the Church (Part 1)

by Eric Croft Eric is a recent graduate of Taylor University where he studied Biblical Literature and Christian Education, and was a member of the Track and Field team. He is passionate about the local Church and sharing Christ’s love with all peoples. He and his wife Kaylie currently reside in Grand Rapids. “Why are twenty-somethingsContinue reading “CrossFit and the Church (Part 1)”

Who We’re Listening to: Julien Baker

by Kirsten Kosik    It is hard to come by twenty-year-olds as profoundly human as Memphis, Tennessee native Julien Baker (twitter: @julienrbaker). A soon-to-be sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University, she has already produced her full-length album Sprained Ankle, which poises questions of redemption, suffering, faith, and existence with unparalleled honesty. Baker’s album is inescapably human.Continue reading “Who We’re Listening to: Julien Baker”