Podcasts Every Twentysomething Should Listen To (Part 1)


We here at The FathomBlog are huge fans of podcasts. They provide a way to engage your brain during times when you can’t read (although we love to read). Podcasts are great food for thought during  commutes, exercise, and chores around the house or apartment. They are growing in their power and influence, and are more accessible than ever. Name a subject and chances are there are (at least) a few great podcasts devoted to it.

But browsing through iTunes can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Never fear, here’s your definitive list…Part 1.

[disclaimer: Listing these podcasts does not equal wholehearted endorsements of every bit of content contained therein. Some podcasts will contain viewpoints you disagree with, language you find offensive, etc. This list runs the gamut of things that may affirm your beliefs to things that may challenge or stretch you.]

[Hover over titles to find links to each podcast]

Best church podcast to engage you beyond listening-The Practice Podcast

practice podcastWhy you should listen: The Practice is an experimental gathering at Willow Creek Community Church. What sets this podcast apart from other ‘sermon-casts’ is its interactivity. The Practice community embeds historic Christian traditions and practices into each episode, most of which you can participate in from wherever you’re tuning in.

Episode length: 35-50 minutes

Frequency: Typically, episodes release about every two weeks.

Best podcast for powerful female voices of faith-The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

happy hourWhy you should listen: Hosted by Jamey Ivey, this podcast feels like an inspired conversation around a table with friends. Jamey brings on some of the most profound, empowered, and wise female guests around. Women, be inspired and encouraged. Men, be informed and challenged.

Episode length: About an hour

Frequency: New episode weekly

Best podcast of interviews regarding spirituality-On Being with Krista Tippett

onbeingWhy you should listen: Krista is a masterful interviewer, and explores the big questions with some of the world’s most interesting people.

Episode length: 51 minutes, as it is still an hourly radio show on NPR stations all over the country.

Frequency: New episode weekly

Best podcast to challenge and confront your Christian faith-The Liturgists Podcast

liturgistsWhy you should listen: Hosted by Michael Gungor (of the band Gungor) and Science Mike, The Liturgists Podcast unashamedly challenges everything about the Christian faith, leaving no stone unturned. The Liturgists explore a wide range of topics through the perspectives of theology, science, and art.

Episode length: Varied. Typically 1-2 hours.

Frequency: When in season, new episodes release every two weeks.

Best podcast to explore human behavior without all the psycho-babble-Invisibilia

invisibiliaWhy you should listen: This podcasts by NPR is about the invisible forces that control human nature, featuring rich storytelling  with scientific research.

Episode length: 1 hour

Frequency: When in season, episodes released weekly


Best podcast on a theme that brings you different stories on that theme-This American Life

thisamericanlifeWhy you should listen: Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life is a standard-bearer in journalistic, theme-based podcasting. If you listen to one (any) episode, our descriptive title will make sense.

Episode length: 1 hour

Frequency: New episodes release weekly

Best podcast about economics without feeling like you’re in an economics class-Planet Money

planetmoneyWhy you should listen: This podcasts takes the complex (the economy), and unpacks it in a way that is mesmerizing, covering a wide range of fascinating topics.

Episode length: Typically 15-25 minutes

Frequency: New episodes release weekly


Best podcast for innovative storytelling-Radiolab

radiolabWhy you should listen: This podcast is hard to describe, so you’ll have to give it a listen yourself. Like This American Life, Radiolab devotes each episode to a big idea. However, Radiolab’s vibe is entirely unique, using music, sounds, and science in incredible ways.

Episode length: Typically 30-60 minutes

Frequency: New episodes release weekly

We’ll leave it at that for now. Stay tuned for Part 2.

What podcasts do you think should be added to the list?

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