5 reasons you have to take a Tech Sabbath…

…and it’s not just to eliminate smart phone hand cramping. 

We’re fans of Krista Tippet’s podcast, OnBeing. In a recent episode she interviewed the filmmaker Tiffany Shlain. Tiffany and her husband created the now popular ‘tech shabbat’, a 24 hour fast from SCREENS that has turned into a movement.

Take a moment to consider what your life would be like if you didn’t look at a digital screen for 24 hours. Go ahead. Let it sink in. Before you break into a cold sweat and a panic attack, consider the following reasons why you must take a Tech Sabbath.


  1. You’re more creative. Our brains perform better when we give them time to wander, explore, and think deeply. Constantly filling our moments with screen-time prevents our minds from this creative wandering. When we disconnect from the stream of content being fed to us by technology, our mind is free to consider other things. Great ideas are born in these moments. Why not create more space for them?
  2. You’re less prone to be jealous. 24 hours away from seeing what awesome trip your friend is on (while you’re stuck in your cubicle), or the amazing time your buddy is having at that restaurant (while you eat Ramen in a cup. by yourself. at home.), or that amazing outfit your friend documented in a perfect selfie (while you slouch on the couch in your sweats)…24 hours away from all that can be a very healthy thing. It’s often said, “comparison is the thief of joy,” and our 24/7 access to social media provides so many opportunities to compare. What if we turned off the comparison switch for 24 hours. How would that change our perspective?
  3. You begin to notice the world around you. I often wonder what I miss in the world around me when I have my head buried in a screen. Do you? The people, the activity, the beauty, the complexity…it’s all around us. To simply observe it and perceive it without our phones or laptops is an audacious thing.
  4. It trains you to seek connection over connectivity. You know you’ve done it. You’ve found yourself without someone to talk to at a party. You feel awkward. Vulnerable. What do you do? At the first instance of feeling self-conscious, you pull our your phone to see what your digital friends are up to. It’s a hit of digital connectivity that helps us bypass a deeper longing to CONNECT. When we leave our phones at the apartment or in the car, we suddenly are faced with the need to work past some of our tendencies to withdraw and check out what we missed online.
  5. You appreciate technology so much more after you’ve deprived yourself of it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The same is true of the technology that is embedded in the rhythms of our lives. If we deprive ourselves of it for a period of time, we appreciate it all the more when we have it back.

Try a 24 hour Tech Sabbath and consider, did you experience any of this?

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