ONE indispensable thing you need to enter the unknown.

…and it’s not more money. 

Your twenties can be a dizzying, confusing mess of experiences and adventures. Lots of adventure. Lots of uncertainty. With so much uncertainty, what can you cling to?


Studies show you’ll change jobs 15-20  times in your working life. That’s a lot of job hopping. This means you’ll move (a lot). You’ll enter (and leave) significant relationships many times. You’ll change churches, internet providers, and grocery stores. You’ll buy and sell cars (or, go carless).

That’s a lot of change. What will guide you through all this change? What will help you navigate this great unknown?

We’ve found a simple, yet profound thing that orients us through the twists and turns of life. We call it a Compass Statement (Others, like the good folks at Church Resource Ministries, call this a True North Statement). If you’ve ever held a compass, you know that it’s an orienteering tool, designed to keep you on the right trajectory towards your ultimate destination.

But here’s the thing. A compass is worthless without finding true north. The coordinates only make sense when you find true north first, and then calibrate from there. This same principle applies to our lives. If God is who Scripture claims Him to be, who are you in light of this? If He is our True North, how does that orient us amid such major life changes?

The one indispensable thing you need to thrive in the unknown is a Compass Statement. It’s a simple, 1-2 sentence statement of why you are here on this earth. It captures the essence of your being, and does so in a way that is timeless. In other words, circumstances or situations won’t change it. Rather, when life throws a curveball, your Compass Statement will help orient you to rise above the chaos.

Take some time to ponder your Compass Statement. Write it down. Try it on for awhile. Dust it off when life feels uncertain. 




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